Golden Gate Bridge Suicides - The Net Fact Sheet

As of January 2024, a net is complete along the full length of the Golden Gate Bridge on BOTH the east and west sides. All together, there is about 3.5 miles (1.6 mm) worth of netting. It is the largest project of its kind.  

The net is strung between steel supports which are painted with the same international orange color as the bridge. These supports are spaced every 50 feet along the sides of the bridge. The net is attached to steel cables that run the full length of the bridge. The net extends 20 feet out from the bridge and is placed 20 feet below the road deck. It is not visible from road to vehicles crossing the bridge as to not detract from the view from the Golden Gate.     

Because the bridge is exposed to open seas and a harsh, salt-water environment, the Bridge District specified that the net be made of marine-grade stainless steel, which is more corrosion resistant than other grades of stainless steel. The net itself was a custom product and the steel run and net fabrication were ordered at the start of construction.   

The net is not bouncy, or flexible like a fishing net or trampoline, it is taut and tightly woven. "It's like jumping on a cheese grater," according to the Golden Gate Bridge District General Manager Denis Mulligan. If a person jumps into the net, they are likely to sustain significant bodily injury such as broken bones or other severe physical trauma.    

In the first 5 months since completion of the Golden Gate Net there have been no suicides jumping from the Bridge. In the first five months of 2023—with partial completion of the net— there were 5 deaths. The year prior, the first 5 months had seen 10 deaths.


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